Below are links to other valuable websites.  Some of these links are for products that our company has installed.
7.  Florida Heat Pump Mfg. -  Water Source and Geo-Thermal Heat Pumps
1.  SMA America - Sunny Boy Inverter Manufacturer
5.  Kaneka America - Thin Film Silicon Modules
8.  Home Power Magazine is the Hands
    -on-Journal of Home-Made Power.  If
    you are interested in: making your
    own electricity from renewable
    energy, alternative vehicles, or finding
    out the latest in related technologies and
    life-styles, then this publication can keep
    you up to date.
3. See This Video On How To Be Energy Independent
     This technology is available now! 

2.  ABB - formerly Power-one
6.  Fujitsu - Mini Split Heat Pumps