Johnnie Miller, owner and operator of Electrical Solutions began his career in the l980’s as a Homebuilder and Electrician.  Over the years, Johnnie became acutely interested in the alternative energy arena, especially photovoltaic’s.  In the l980’s and 90’s, before solar became the industry that it is today, Johnnie was studying and taking classes related to the solar industry.  In 2003, he decided to specialize entirely on photovoltaic’s,  Since that time, he has become an expert in the industry, and, in fact, has spent years trying to get legislation passed in Maryland that would enable solar to become more affordable to homeowners and businesses in his home state.  

Johnnie is a Master Electrician and has a Degree in Electronic Engineering.  His experience in homebuilding and construction, along with his formal education, help him to tackle projects literally from the ground up.  Many of the installers today do not have the body of knowledge that is necessary to do installations that are correct in all aspects—structurally sound, electrically correct, and esthetically pleasing.  During the AutoCAD process, Johnnie spends hours making sure all of these areas are in complete alignment. All projects are built to NEC code, and inspected by a certified electrical inspector after completion.  These are all important considerations when a homeowner or business decides to make the investment in photovoltaics.  

This is a competitive business, and it is important to consider that the lowest bid is not always the lowest cost.  My best advice is to go with an installer with loads of experience and one that uses a reputable product with proven results.  That is our mission at Electrical Solutions.